Welcome to Global Integrator where technology is simplified.

What does Global Integrator do? ………..Well, we provide cost effective smart home solutions for home automation. Structured cabling systems, Digital CCTV security, Smart lighting, Telephone Systems, Home Media rooms, Multi-Room AV etc. (the list goes on! Please call or Email for a technical representative to discuss your requirements. We do not employ sales staff.

Global Integrator is your one-stop-shop for designing and implementing modern integrated technologies.
Building automation systems such as access control, lighting, audio visual controls etc
Wireless and wired infrastructures
Fully automated alarms
Fully recordable camera security systems
 Rainwater Tanks / Environmental Division





Cutting edge buildings need future proofed modern solutions.

Why do you need Global Integrator……. Well, if you are a Developer, Builder, Electrician, AV consultant or a new/existing building owner then we can realise your technological requirements from design through implementation and after care servicing. Simple, guaranteed and
Our approach provides the greatest opportunity to deliver solutions that meet your strategic investment and technology requirements both now and into the future.


We will save you money across all energy bills.
We provide modern dedicated automation systems that we guarantee.
Quality installs , Quality aftersales
Our ability to fully assess your needs & present them to you in a format you can understand allows you to make informed choices.
Our quality work ethic that means full documentation during the course of any project as well as full plans for you to keep.

Technologies we implement and represent are tried & tested yet cutting edge, which will save you money whilst being environmentally smart.
Global Integrator is your complete innovative partner capable of simplifying all of today’s demands as well as tomorrow’s requirements without compromise.